With IoT integrations and solutions, the future connects: Transforming the way we live, work, and experience the world.

What are IoT Integrations?

IoT integrations are key in today’s technological environment. IoT refers to the Internet of Things, which allows physical elements such as machinery to be connected to the Internet.

Discover how the combination of various technologies creates powerful synergies that enhance efficiency and productivity.

The Importance of IoT Solutions

Discover how our customized IoT solutions can take your company to the next level.

From process optimization to the implementation of cutting-edge technologies, we are here to boost your success in the digital era.

Turn challenges into opportunities with our state-of-the-art IoT solutions!


Process Optimization

IoT solutions enable the automation and improvement of internal processes. From human resources management to the supply chain, these solutions optimize operational efficiency, reducing costs and increasing productivity.


Improvement of Decision-Making

With the integration of advanced technologies, IoT solutions provide real-time data and in-depth analytics. This empowers businesses to make informed and strategic decisions, quickly adapting to changes in the business environment.


Enhancement of Competitiveness

Organizations that adopt IoT solutions stand out in an increasingly competitive market. From the implementation of management systems to the use of analytical tools, these solutions provide advantages that go beyond efficiency, creating a sustainable competitive edge.


Facilitation of Digital Transformation

IoT Solutions are the cornerstone of digital transformation. They enable businesses to evolve, adapt to emerging technological trends, and prepare for the future. From cloud computing to artificial intelligence, these solutions drive business innovation.

Success stories like yours.

Lawash: Internet of Things for a laundry franchise.

  • The challenge? To make the laundry machines of Lawash in Spain and Portugal intelligent, enabling the provision of services via a mobile app and positioning La Wash as a benchmark company in technological innovation in its sector.
  • The solution? Design and programming of boards for IoT implementation and machine control + software development for app control, configuration, and cloud services management + mobile app with payment gateway.
  • And afterward? We continue with Igest, a modular multilingual software that has expanded and currently covers, among others, online store, management of purchase and sale orders, invoicing, collections, payments, collection of KPIs from all laundries via email, job and repair management, statistics.




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